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Family Wellness Centres

Osteopath Bridgwater and Taunton

Claim your £29 consultation offer now...

Location 1

osteopath bridgwater

01278 497 167

If you're looking for an osteopath or chiropractor in Bridgwater then click here...

Location 2

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01823 219 219

If you're looking for an osteopath or chiropractor in Taunton then click here...

Location 3

Taunton Health

Click here for our Taunton based studio which offers personal training, group classes and rehabilitation

What we do

Family Wellness Centres goal is to guide you towards optimal health and function through nervous system and spinal correction.

With clinics in Taunton and Bridgwater we are offering the highest standard of corrective and wellness care you'll find. 

About James

James (osteopath) sees patients in both Taunton and Bridgwater.


Qualifications include:

  • MOst Osteopathy

  • Diploma Spinology

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science

  • Western Medical Acupuncture

  • Extensive CPD training on shoulders, hips, knees, elbows and feet.

How to claim your £29 consultation offer......

If you are wanting to see an osteopath Bridgwater or Taunton and would like to come and visit us at one of our clinics for your initial consultation you need to either call us on 01823 219 219 or fill in our contact form at the bottom of this page or on our contact page.


One of our friendly team will find a time that suits you and get you booked in.


You will be welcomed with a smile, comfy chair, drink and the assurance that we will do our best to help you. 

What you can expect...


Full case history


Orthopaedic and neurological tests


INSIGHT sEMG spine scan



posture scan

A full breakdown

of the results

If you are considering seeing an osteopath, chiropractor or physio in Bridgwater or Taunton then keep reading. 

When you choose to go and see an osteopath or chiropractor it's often because you are in pain, your health is suffering or you have some kind of symptom. 

Before you can truly get back to full health it's important to understand that your body has an amazing ability to self heal and self regulate itself. 


This basically means that if we can remove the barriers that are stopping your body from healing then you can enjoy long term results rather than simply masking the symptoms. 


This is what we do at the Family Wellness Centres! 


If you are from the Taunton or Bridgwater area and are suffering with pain and/or symptoms then get in touch and find out how we can help you. If you'd like to learn more about the new patient journey then click here... 

What is the difference between an osteopath, chiropractor and physiotherapist and who should I be seeing?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Ultimately the goal of any osteopath, chiropractor or physio should be to find and fix the underlying cause of your problems and help you to live a healthier, happier life. 

The true difference between the professions really is in the philosophy and principles of each. So a physio will often lean towards giving more exercise based care and sometimes completely rely on exercises. Osteopaths often focus on fluid dynamics and blood flow and chiropractors focus on the spine and nervous system. 


Whether you are visiting Bridgwater Health or Taunton Health you can be sure that you are getting the type of care that is right for you and your specific, individual needs. We specialise in not simply chasing symptoms and hoping they don't come back but actually getting to the underlying route cause of the problem so that you get long term relief and begin functioning at your best once again.


I heard I can use my health insurance to pay for osteopathy and chiropractic. Is this correct?

Many health insurance policies do include osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy. At the Family Wellness Centres we have many patients who use health insurance to pay for treatment. 

Whether you see an osteopath, chiropractor or physio you need to check your individual policy and see if treatment can be covered for you and also how much allowance you have.

We can provide all the documentation and invoices you require to make the claim. 

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