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  • James White

"I saw an osteopath / chiropractor. It didn't work for me..."

osteopath taunton

I often get people coming to see me at Taunton Health who have done the search for osteopath Taunton or chiropractor Taunton, chosen a practitioner and had treatment but are still no better.

They tell me that they have tried this and it doesn’t work on them.

The thing I always remind them is that simply having the same title whether that’s osteopath or chiropractor doesn’t mean that they will work the same way, that they’ll use the same techniques or that they will do the same techniques the same as each other.

There is always hope and sometimes it’s the people who keep hope and trust that they will get better are the ones who finally do get better.

If you try a diet to lose weight and it doesn’t work for you is that it? Are you never going to lose weight? No of course not, it is just a case of finding the approach that will work with you.

So the point of this short article is to not give up and assume that no osteopath or chiropractor will ever be able to help you.

Your body has a will to be well and is a master at self healing and self regulating itself. All you need is to find that person who can remove the barriers so that you can get well once again.


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