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  • James White

The master control system - the key to your health.

What is the most important organ in your body?

Many people say your heart. But that is simply pump to pump blood around your body.

Your liver? That just detoxifies.

Your kidneys? They just filter your blood.

The organ that controls and regulates all of these organs mentioned and well as every single cell in your body is your brain.

Your brain controls and regulates your whole body through your nervous system. So we can agree that having your nervous system functioning optionally as often as possible is important. That is why at Family Wellness Centres we put such an emphasis on the health of your spine. Osteopaths and chiropractors can adjust your spine to help realign it and restore correct mobility to the joints. The benefit of doing this is that your spinal cord lives within your spine and can be negatively affected if your spine is out of alignment or not moving properly.

So next time you get a headache, neck pain or back pain remember that you could be having more problems than just the pain. Your nervous system could be compromised and your body could not be expressing an optimal level of health.

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