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  • James White

Juicer or blender. Which is better?

taunton nutritionist

A blender or juicer is a great way to get additional vegetables and fruit in your diet but one question everyone has before they take the plunge and get one is which his better? A juicer or a blender?

Well I've got both and have used both for many years and in my opinion one is not better than the other. It really depends on what you on as an individual. I'm going to lay out the pros and cons of each one so you can make the right decision for you.

Juicer Pros

- You can cram a very large amount of fruit and vegetables into one drink which means a very high concentration of vitamins and minerals.

- Makes an easily drinkable juice that isn't thick. Can quench thirst or be drank in a hurry.

Juicer Cons

- There is a lot of cleaning involved with juicing. They are better than they used to be but there is no avoiding the fact that compared to a blender there is more cleaning.

- You lose a lot of fibre when you us a juicer. You can add the pulp that the juicer throws out back into other meals such as a bolognese but most people will not do this so they are losing out in fibre.

Blender Pros

- You can put a large variety of things in a blender as you don't need it to be a juicy food to blend. If you put a banana or avocado it will just come out the pulp chute as waste. Bananas and avocados into a blender go great.

- Easy to clean. Generally they only have one piece to clean rather than a number of different pieces that are covered in pulp.

- Quick. You can make a juice and clean up in a few minutes. Blender Cons

- You can't put that much in there before you have too much to drink. A few pieces of fruit and vegetables and you're done. Add much more and you've got pints and pints of thick smoothie that you can't finish.

- Get it wrong and it's too thick. Ends up being something you've got to chew rather than drink. This could be a pro depending on if you want it or not.

As you can see there are some great pros to each one. If I was to sum this all up in one sentence it would be this...

A juicer provides a more nutrient dense juice but a blender is quicker and less hassle. Honestly I tend to use the blender 90% of the time because of the speed and ease of use.

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