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  • James White

How to stay young...!

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Imagine yourself at 80 years old. In the country side walking your dog with your grandchildren. Now imagine yourself 80 years old, unable to get out of bed. Strapped up to machines to keep you alive. This is a very real example of either looking after yourself and living a healthy life and doing the opposite.

Staying young is something that everyone wants. People spend huge amounts of money on cosmetic surgery, creams and lotions to try and look younger.

However there is an easier way. It’s simply looking after yourself!

There are many things we can do to help maintain a certain level of function and health and today we are going to look at the ones that Taunton Health use to help people every day.

Nutrition - If you eat junk all the time and only eat what you want then your body and health will reflect that. No-one can cheat this, you will be giving yourself disease and infirmity at some point in your lift.

Exercise - If you don’t use it you lose it…what I mean by this is exactly as it sounds. You might be able to go for a walk or get up out of a chair now. But if you don’t exercise and keep active then there will be a day where going for a walk or even getting out of a chair becomes impossible. Keep active and exercise regularly to not only make life healthier and easier but to make sure there isn't a day where free movement is taken away from you earlier than you expected.

Chiropractic and Osteopathy - Sometimes the body needs a bit of help to keep moving optimally. If your spine is restricted or out of alignment this will immediately interfere with the function of nervous system. Studies show this increases falls, reduces balance, increases pain and this is not a good thing. We are always seeing elderly people who come to us in a bit of a mess really needing us to get their bodies moving and feeling better again. It would have been a lot easier if they had thought about prevention rather than cure.

The take away message of this article is to look after yourself now so that you don’t regret it in later life.

It is heart breaking to look at someone in their 70’s or even 60’s who has left their health as a side thought and now regrets it. Health is something that needs to be in place for anything else in life to matter. Don’t neglect your most valuable asset.

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