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  • James White

The number 1 reason you've got pain.

taunton osteopath

I see hundreds of people through my door that are in pain. Although a chiropractor and an osteopath has very little to do with pain and a lot to do with optimal health, function and vitality, very few people actually come to see me who aren’t in pain. Although pain is only a small part of what we do, the reason why so many people come to see us when in pain is that we are so good at getting rid of it.

After seeing so many people who are in pain the question of why they’re in pain becomes more and more obvious. You would think that they would have an obvious cause to the injury such as lifting something that was too heavy for them or fell over. However this is rarely the case. The answer people often give me when I ask how it started is…I don’t know, it just started!

It just started? Things don’t ‘just start’! There is always a reason for something to start it’s just that they don’t know what caused it…yet!

My job is to do a thorough case history, examination and get to the root cause of why they're in pain. Then explain this reason to the patient so that they know exactly what is wrong and how I can help them.

Take a look at these diagrams below…

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