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3 Tips For Low Back Pain...

Osteopath Taunton

80% of people will get back pain at some time in their life. It is definitely the most common thing that we treat at Taunton Health.

With low back pain being so common it is important that people know how to manage it.

This is a short article to to give you 3 tips to help low back pain. Follow them daily to help ease a painful low back and even to learn how to manage your low back long term.

Here they are...

1 - Don't sit for excessive periods of time - Try to get up regularly for a short walk or to get a drink of water. Regular movement helps to maintain blood flow in the low back and doesn't allow prolonged pressure to build up in the back.

2 - Work on your posture - Slouching when standing or sitting puts huge pressure on the discs in your low back. This over time will wear them out and create damage. Stand and sit up straight with the chest up whilst maintaining the lordosis (inwards curvature) in your low back.

3 - Exercise - Many of us spend the whole day sat down or generally being quite sedentary. Trying to counter all this by taking at least 20 minutes every day to do some form of exercise will do wonders for your low back. Mobility, stability and strength can be created and maintained with exercise.

So there you have it. 3 simple and effective tips to help your low back feel and move so much better.

Give them a try and feed back to us if you don't get any relief by using them.

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