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  • James White

THE reason fat loss might not be happening...

Fat Loss isn’t about tricks and tips, it’s about consistency and dedication. If there were some golden trick that the lucky few knew then eventually everyone would know it and everyone would be lean and have a great physique.

A saying that I keep hearing which is just as true as ever is this… ‘if you want results that are better than average then you need to be willing to do what the average person isn’t willing to do.’

This means that you need to stop having toast or cereal for breakfast. You need to stop grabbing a sandwich for lunch and you need to cut out all sugar so that means no chocolate, sweets, crisps and other ‘nibbles’ that we all crave in the evening.

Yes there are certain things that people are getting great results with such as low carb, ketogenic diet, calorie moderation etc etc. However one big question to ask yourself is are you trying to cheat nature? Not only with regards to fat loss but also health?

If you’re still regularly eating processed wheat, sugar, sweeteners and other foods that are clearly doing you no good but hoping for fat loss and also hoping for health then you need to rethink things.

Unless someone’s got zero knowledge on nutrition then everyone knows when they’re eating something that isn’t good for them. If fat loss was a 100m race and every time you had a good meal you took a step forwards and then a bad meal meant you took a step backwards would people be so keen to eat bad foods? If they knew that this days bad eating was undoing the last few days of good eating would they do it?

So here is the take away message. Fat loss and health is not a short term thing. It needs to be thought of as long term. You need to feel like you want to have a major shift in your lifestyle, not just a few weeks of hard dieting and then back to your old diet. Long term diet and lifestyle changes equals long term results.

In 8 weeks time you will have wished you started today.

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