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  • James White

Less pain, less fat, more health - eliminate ONE food!

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Do you want less pain, less fat, more energy and most importantly better health?

You can have all this by taking this one food out of your diet. It is as easy as this!

If you can build up the will power to finally ditch this food your life will be different.

That one food is….sugar! I know you’ve heard this before but the big question is this, if you know how bad it is for you then why don’t you just ditch it and gain the many benefits that this will achieve?

Sometimes a reminder as to why taking it out your diet is needed and that’s what this short article is for. I want to throw out some facts/reasons why sugar is bad for you and should be limited as much as possible.

- It is extremely calorie dense so it’s easy to over consume and gain weight.

- Cancer loves sugar and thrives on high blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar has been shown to starve cancer cells.

- High blood sugar levels causes irreversible damage to your pancreas which contributes to Type 2 Diabetes.

- Contributes to heart disease. It’s not that wonderful and natural fat in your diet that causes heart disease it’s sugar and stress!

This is only a very short list of reasons why sugar should be taken out the diet. It is highly addictive and we are all addicts that need that ‘sugar fix’.

Be one of the few who are strong enough and care enough about your health to get rid of it.

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