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Taunton Health's Guide To Headaches

About headaches…

Headaches affect 80-90% of the population at some time in their lives. They can range from relatively mild to absolutely debilitating.

At Taunton Health we see a lot of people with headaches and just love to help people get pain free and take control of their lives again after so many years of suffering.

To help get people started on their journey to being headache free we’ve put together this handy headache guide which outlines 3 major causes of headaches and some simple ways that you can start correcting them.

Some are harder and take longer to correct than others but they are all relevant to most people and will really begin helping you get pain free.

So read on and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact Taunton Health and ask for advice by emailing

Headache Tip 1

Do you have subluxations?!

headache taunton

What does that mean? Your spine is made up of vertebra and there are 7 in your neck. These bones in your spine should all be in alignment and moving freely. If one or more of these bones goes out of alignment or stops moving properly this is called a subluxation. A subluxation can interfere with your nervous system and cause a variety of symptoms including headaches.

So, do you have a subluxation? If you have neck pain with your headaches then you could do, if you don’t have neck pain with your headache then you might still might. Subluxations aren’t always painful. Subluxations are caused by things like bad posture, sleeping awkwardly, falling over, toxins in food and even stress and anxiety.

To find out if you do have a subluxation in your neck causing your headaches then you need to find someone who is trained and skilled in detecting subluxations in your neck and removing them.

The bad news is that almost everyone has some form of subluxation in their spine. They are common but luckily they’re easily corrected.

Headache Tip 2

headache taunton

Do you have a neck like a giraffe?

If you get someone to look at you from the side you should have your ear lobe directly over the mid point of your shoulder. If it’s forwards of your mid shoulder then you have forwards head carriage. For every inch your head is forwards of where it should be adds 10lb of weight to the neck!

This is a lot.

It’s not uncommon for someone with bad posture and headaches to have 3 inches of forwards head carriage. This is an extra 30lb of weight on the neck and it’s not surprising they’re getting headaches.

It is a MUST to get your neck posture corrected.

Things you can do at home to help this…sleep on your back with one pillow, stretch your neck, sit up straight rather than slouching, correct the posture of your mid back as this effects your neck posture, stand with your neck and head up.

If you want ultimate correction of your neck posture then find a professional to assess where your neck posture is going wrong and then using something called a Denneroll to help you correct years of bad posture.

Headache Tip 3


headache taunton

Sorry this tip isn't particularly exciting but it’s a good one.

A lot of people are highly stressed and it’s not only destroying your body in a number of ways but it can really contribute to headaches in a bad way. Stress is one of the three ways people get subluxations in the neck which is when the bones in your spine go out of alignment or stop moving properly. Not sure how to reduce stress? Try eliminating the cause of it. If it’s relationship stress then you really need to have a discussion with your partner. If it’s job stress then you need to think about how you can make changes to that. If you are simply getting overwhelmed by life then perhaps you should try meditation. It’s one of the most effective and easy ways to start reducing your stress levels.

There are some great apps out there to help you get started. Try HeadSpace for a good one.

With the knowledge that you don't have to live with headaches we at Taunton Health are here to help anyone that is suffering with headaches and lives in the Taunton area.

*If you are suffering with headaches and would like us to help you find the cause then take advantage of our CONSULTATION OFFER then click HERE...*

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