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  • James White

Limit Weight Gain Over Christmas

We’re getting very close to Christmas and this is the number 1 time of year when people let things fall apart with the diet.

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One thing to remember is that if there ever was a time of year where you could let the diet go it’s now! So relax, enjoy your break and try to stick with a few simple rules to limit the amount of weight gain and health damage that you might create.

Which ever way you look at this the end result is the same. Some people like to say they’re being ‘good’ 80% of the time and some people like to go with the 5 days ‘on’ and 2 days ‘off’. Either way you’re having 2 days a week where you can relax and eat what ever you want.

This technique will work great over the Christmas and New Year period. It’s a way of setting aside your bad days for the obvious Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc.

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